Age and Gender Information for Target Group Analysis

With our Age&Gender software module, you can now determine the statistical distribution of the age and gender of a people flow. This allows you to better understand your audience and target the relevant visitor/customer segments.​

The application reliably detects all people in the image area. On leave,  the age and gender will be displayed.​

Installation and Setup

Setup is quick and easy. Once the camera has been installed and aligned, people are classified immediately. Visual feedback in the image area helps you to find the optimum angle and distance to the person. The image area can optionally be restricted.

Generated Data

The results are sent in Json format to an HTTP(S) push API, where they can be accepted and processed as required. A data block includes the time of capture, age and gender. This means that the application can be universally integrated and used for many applications.


The measured gender and age distribution is displayed in a dashboard on the sensor. This allows  an evaluation directly at the point of detection. The function can be checked immediately and the application can also be operated independently.​

If you want to create your own diagrams, you can do this with the help of a CSV export. The time range can be freely selected in each case.

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Key Features

Universally Applicable​

Suitable for passage or waiting areas. Restrictions on image areas possible.

Easy Data Access

Data provided via push API, dashboard and CSV export.

AI on the Edge

Immediate evaluation only within the application and directly on the device in the field.

GDPR conform

No image transmission or personal identification possible. No storage of biometric characteristics.

Quick & Simple

Clear UI for quick and easy setup.

Available on following Sensor

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