People counting and occupancy

People counting​

We provide highly accurate people frequency for various applications. Our 3D sensors can also provide additional information. For example, whether it is a group or whether the person is carrying a shopping cart. Furthermore, if necessary, recognized employees are excluded from the count.

Room occupancy

In addition to the frequency, each sensor also calculates the difference between people entering and leaving. If there are several measuring points, the sensors can also communicate directly with each other in the local network. One of the sensors then carries out the calculation.

Display utilization and report limits

Our 3D sensor already offers a suitable display to show the current number of people, which can also be used as a traffic light view with a defined limit. You are welcome to load your own display onto the sensor and display it in full screen on a monitor.

Since we also provide the information via MQTT, you have maximum flexibility with our application.

Key features

Accurate people counting​

Optionally with employee exclusion and separate counting of shopping carts or groups.

Simple integration

Switching and alarming via MQTT. 
No additional hardware/software required.

Custom display

Customer-specific display option for showing the number of people and limit.

Room occupancy

Determine the total number of people centrally, even with multiple entrances, thanks to local sensor communication. No additional hardware/software required.

Verfügbar auf folgendem Sensor

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