Everything in view - even on large areas!

Reliable, optimal key figures require constant person detection and tracking. With our hardware/software, you can monitor areas of any size and specifically define individual evaluation areas.

Length of stay and number of people

Determine the number of people and the length of time they spend in specific areas.

For example, to determine waiting times at a counter or to determine how interesting individual sales areas are.

Analyze walking routes

To optimize the sales area or to identify hotspots/coldspots, we provide the respective positions of all recorded persons. We provide all position data for all persons over time and add whether they are employees or whether they are carrying a shopping cart.

Flexible installation without additional hardware

Whether it's a corridor, a large area or a nook and cranny, the respective sensors can be mounted individually. Setup and evaluation are carried out using a freely definable sensor on which different zones can be set up. 

Key Features

Flexible installation and area coverage​

No area limitation, number of sensors and mounting position free without additional hardware.

Flexible zone evaluation

Many zones in the entire surveillance area can be freely defined and the number of people and length of stay can be determined.

Full people tracking

Robust person detection in the fused surveillance area of ​​several sensors.

Coordinates of
full journey

Free definition of the world coordinate system and position data of all persons as well as the immediate current position for a live display. 

Available on following Sensor

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