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An agile team with core competence in AI applications and 2D/3D image processing. We use our own sensor platforms for maximum flexibility. We can implement your individual project or make adjustments to our existing solutions for you at any time.

Our products are used in the retail sector for visitor counting and sales area optimization as well as in public buildings for security monitoring, visitor flow analysis and improved facility management. We work closely with system integrators and partners to offer solutions for a wide range of requirements.

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Our Portfolio

Age and gender from persons

Find out which age group and gender are most represented

  • Age distribution
  • Gender distribution

Benefits with our sensor:

  • Privacy by design - no images transfered
  • Simple set-up
  • Push API or individual data integration

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Dwell time and customer journey

Identifying people's behavior and interested areas

  • Distribution of the length of stay in an area
  • Tracking data 

Benefits with our sensor:

  • Large-scale, continuous tracking 
  • Cost-effective tracking in large areas at specific measuring points

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People counting and room occupancy

Highly accurate bi-directional people counting, occupancy and area utilization

  • Entrance and exit counting
  • Number of people in buildings/rooms
  • Group count

Benefits with our sensor:

  • Real-time data collection
  • For entrances of any passage width
  • Signal control/alarm
  • Customizable web-based fill level display

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Direction and duration of attention

Determine which products or advertising spaces attract attention

  • Number of passers-by
  • Number of viewers
  • Dwell time/duration of attention

Benefits with our sensor:

  • Analysis directly on the sensor

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Queue and Checkout utilization 

Identify bottlenecks, optimize checkout utilization and increase the use of self-service checkouts

  • Number of open checkouts
  • Checkout utilization
  • Waiting time and queue length per checkout

Benefits with our sensor:

  • No interface to POS system required
  • Dynamic queue detection
  • Many other use cases possible, as generic application and integration of additional external sensors possible (room occupancy, air quality measurement etc.)

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​Count shopping carts

Find out when, where and how many shopping carts are needed and optimize their availability

  • Number of people with/without shopping carts
  • Theft detection

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Comfort-Self Checkout

Enhanced customer convenience with automatic door opening after payment


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​Access control and security

  • Automatic door release via biometric features, measured at longer distances
  • Tailgating prevention
  • Detection of oncoming traffic


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Traffic and public areas

  • Number of parked vehicles
  • Number of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
  • Length of stay in the field of view
  • Counting people in larger areas

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Looking for indiviual solution?

Do you have a project proposal or are you looking for the right hardware for your project?

Draw on decades of expertise in artificial intelligence and classical image processing to implement your application with Edge AI .

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